We’re Now Offering Remote Printing!

Email your .DOC or .PDF to lansdownelib@gmail.com and we’ll print it for you.

Please include in your email:

1. Your name as it appears on your library card or ID.

2. Special instructions such as how many copies you need. (We are only able to do black and white prints at this time.)

We will then respond with the total cost to print your job and the earliest possible time you can pick up your order. At the library, please have your card or ID and your payment ready.

The library is not liable for any errors on documents we are given to print. Please proofread and do not send documents until you are sure they’re ready for printing.

​Once printed and paid for, all documents will be deleted from the library’s email, but we cannot guarantee protection from security risks such as hacks or viruses. Any prints not claimed after 48 hours will be shredded.