Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Check out our list of FAQ’s. If you don’t find what you need, just give us a call or drop by, and our team will be glad to assist you!

How Do I Get a Library Card?

You need to be a resident of Delaware County Pa with a current government issued ID to get a library card. If you reside in a different county, you will need to get a library card from your county library.

If you are a resident of Delaware County, simply bring your ID to the library and fill out a short form. It will take about five minutes and you’ll be handed your new card right away!

You can also sign up for a card online by clicking here.

What Can I Do at the Library?

Libraries aren’t just for checking out books. We have a lot of amazing services to explore! We have a large digital database with many resources such as tutor services, ancestry tools, magazines, and more.

We also have a lot more than books in house! You can check out DVDs, video games, board games, museum passes and more.  You can also print, copy, and fax for a small fee.

What Services are Available at the Library?

We have free wi-fi and computer use. If all the computers are taken, ask for a laptop at the front desk! Having computer trouble?  We offer basic assistance!

You can also bring your reference and research questions to our Reference Librarian.

And we have weekly programs for all ages!

Can I Return Books from Any Library to this Location?

Not quite. You can return books from any library in the Delaware County System to our library. That includes 26 libraries!  Some of these are Yeadon Public Library, Darby Public Library, and all branches of the Upper Darby Public Library. We cannot check-in books from Philadelphia, Montgomery County, or any other county besides Delaware County.

Can I Purchase a Replacement for Something I Lost or Damaged?

No. We buy from a specific supplier and need to consider the demand of the lost/damaged item. We ask that you pay the fine instead of replacing the item personally.

Can my Fines be Waived?

If you need to talk to someone about your fines, reach out to our Circulation Manager. If you are being fined for a damaged or lost book, we will be unable to waive that fee.

Do you Have a Quiet Space?

We have no designated quiet space, but we do have several places where you can study.

How Do I Reserve Your Community Room?

Contact us via phone, email, or in person and speak with our office manager about availability.

What is Your Museum Pass Program?

We have museum passes good for a small group (group size varying depending on museum) for several museums in Philadelphia. These passes are free to check out, yet should be reserved ahead of time due to their popularity. They may be reserved over the phone or in person.

My Card isn’t Working. Why?

There could be a couple simple reasons, so don’t worry! It could be that your card has been suspended because of fines. If this is the case, once the fine is reduced to $20 or below, the suspension will be removed.

It could be your card expired. This happens every three years. In order to renew your card, simply present it and a photo ID with your current address to the front desk.

It could be your card was deactivated. If you replaced your card and then found your original card, that original card, and its barcode number, have been deactivated.  Simply return a deactivated card to the front desk and we will get rid of it for you.